September 28th and 29th, 2003
Reports, photographs and data from the storm

Prepared by Chris Fogarty
(c) NovaWeather [2003], Halifax, Nova Scotia
Page created on December 12th, 2003
Chris Fogarty (2003)
Last Updated Feb 21/10
1. Sail boats blown about by Bedford Basin
2. A roof blown off an appartment in Fairview, Halifax
3. A remaining piece of that roof hanging over edge
4. Trees blown down at Ashburn golf course (Halifax)
5. Tree, sidewalk and fence uprooted (Chebucto Rd. Halifax)
6. Siding ripped-off building (Downtown Dartmouth)
7. Tree and sign uprooted (Victoria Rd. Dartmouth)
8. Distortion of McDonald's sign (Portland St. Dartmouth)
9. Many steel road signs like this were flattened (Dunbrack St.)
10. Large tree on house on Connaught Ave. (Halifax)
11. Tree crushed this van in the NW arm area (Halifax)
12. Damaged pier on the Halifax waterfront
13. Billboard twisted out of shape (Wyse Rd. Dartmouth)
14. Heavy power pole and tree damage (Dartmouth)
15. Large forest blow-down in Cole Harbour
16. Another view of the tree blow-down

Aerial Views...
17. Trees fallen in the Beaverbank area
18. Pt. Pleasant Park tree damage
19. Roof blown off house at Chebucto Head
20. Swaths of trees flattened on McNab's Island
21. Roofing blown off a school in Eastern Passage
22. Tree blow-downs near Rainbow Haven
23. Old trees downed on Church grounds (Oyster Pond)
24. More tree blow-downs (Ketch Harbour)
25. Tree damage near Lawrencetown
26. Another forest blow-down toward Musq. Harbour
27. Close-up of McNab's Island fallen trees
28. Another view of Pt. Pleasant Park

Coastal Damage...
29. Beached sailboats in Northwest Arm
30. Halifax waterfront wharf heavily damaged
31. Heavy waterfront damage near "Salty's"
32. Damage to fishing shed and boat at Prospect
33. Heavy shore damage in St. Margaret's Bay
34. Roadside eroded at a beach near Queensland

Miscellaneous Damages (structural)...
35. Van smashed by light post (Holiday Inn, Dartmouth)
36. Roofing material hung-up on wire near Shearwater
37. Trees/wires down on road near Rainbow Haven
38. Trees. poles, road damage at Rainbow Haven
39. Trailer home demolished just west of Sambro
40. Huge tree uprooted in Public Gardens
41. Billboard blown over off Joseph Howe Drive

Added in 2009:
Roof blown off home in Sambro     Map
Billboard Damage Analysis (Oct 16)

Added in 2010:
Damage at my aunt's place in Forest Hills (Dartmouth):
 Maple Tree     Spruce Tree/Balcony

Pt. Pleasant Park (from inside)...
42. Many trees were snapped-off at mid trunk
43. You could never see the harbour from here before!
44. City debris temporarily dumped in the parking lot
45. Large tree trunk parts from around the city
46. Trails like this took weeks to clear
47. Blue sky where trees once stood tall
48. Many partial trunks and stumps remain (Nov 16/03)
49. The canopy was completely destroyed in most spots
50. A lone tree stands...

PHOTO CREDITS: #1 Geoff Bonner;   #2 - #28 Chris Fogarty;  
#29 - #39 Doug Mercer, #40 - 50 Chris Fogarty
The Canadian Hurricane Centre has prepared pieces of information on Hurricane Juan that appear
HERE. Although I am an employee at the Centre who helped prepare the reports on that site, the
information contained here at NovaWeather is primarily my own work.
Meteorological Data and Imagery
Satellite image at landfall
Satellite loop of Juan hitting Nova Scotia and PEI
Animation of radar imagery [1.5-km CAPPI]
Gore, Nova Scotia radar (rain rate)
Gore, Nova Scotia radar (wind velocity)
Track of the storm     Track Data
QuikSCAT wind field before Juan hit
(courtesy of Roger Edson, NRL project)

Explanation of what people thought was the eye of Juan

Location of McNab's Island weather station
(at end of spit on top of lighthouse; image looks SE)
McNab's Island report of extreme winds that helped us categorize
Juan as a "2"

New Glasgow weather graph during the passage of Juan

Explanation of why Hurricane Juan was so intense when it hit
Nova Scotia

Raw Data
Buoys: 44258    44142   44137   44150

Storm Surge and Waves
Storm surge - Halifax naval dockyard
Waves - Halifax Harbour buoy
Other sites in Atlantic Canada (courtesy of Doug Mercer)

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Data
SST analysis (00 UTC 27 Sept) with storm track
SST Loop showing warmup period and cool wake
Change in SST leading up to storm (27 minus 01 Sept)

Meso-surface pressure analyses:
Dropsonde surface analyses (~0250Z)
Surface analysis (0300Z)
Surface analysis (0600Z)

Analysis of wind speeds and damage  [text]
Analysis of rainfalls   [text]
Detailed marine observations table (Bridget Thomas)
(These data were prepared for determining the category of Juan)

Data from the Convair research flight:
Table of key data
Radar cross-section of the eyewall

Map of dropsonde locations

Cross-sections: [Ref Map]
Wind N-S       Theta-e N-S        Rel H. N-S
Wind SW-NE    Theta-e SW-NE    Rel H. SW-NE

Temp N-S       Geo. HT N-S       Sonde fall sp. N-S
Temp SW-NE   Geo. HT SW-NE    Sonde fall sp. SW-NE

Individual Profiles

Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
Aerial damage surveys
Impacts of past hurricanes on NS woodlands
- Juan Storm Summary
- Hurricanes Juan (2003) and Edna (1954):
a comparison
Computer model simulations of
Hurricane Juan and other historical
hurricanes in Atlantic Canada