Career Timeline
Chris Fogarty  BSc (Dal), DMet (Dal), MSc (McGill), PhD (Dal)

1987 (Nov)
Began calendar weather records in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

1988 (Mar)
Began weather logbook records - [ 1st entry, 20 March 1988 ]

1988 (spring)
First weather-related science fair: Relative Humidity

1989 (April)
Second science fair: Greenhouse Effect

1992 (May)
National Science Fair, Sudbury, Ontario: Weather Study

1992 (June)
High school complete

1992 (Sept)
First year at Dalhousie University (major in physics) graduate May 1996

1995 (Sept)
Special courses at Dalhousie (C programming, Fluid Dynamics with dynamic
meteorology project and applied programming to data records)

1996 (Sept)
Began diploma in meteorology at Dalhousie, graduate in May 1997

1996 (Nov)
Independent case study: Atlantic Bowl Storm

1997 (Sept)
Began masters program at McGill university

1998 (Sept)
one-month field project at Fort Simpson, NWT launching weather balloons for

1999 (Mar)
Presented masters work on Extratropical Transition at the Northeastern Storms
Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY

1999 (Aug)
Masters thesis completed: Extratropical Transition

1999 (Sept)
Began working at Environment Canada in Nova Scotia, and started work on
hurricane Earl case study

1999 (Nov)
Training course at Environment Canada began

2000 (June)
First posting with Environment Canada (Gander, NFLD)

2000 (Oct)
Began work on Hurricane Michael Case Study and contributed to the
Environment Canada training modules on Extratropical Transition

2001 (Oct)
Flew into Tropical Storm Karen on the Convair 580 research aircraft

2001 (Nov)
Attended the International Operational Marine Forecasting Workshop in Halifax by
presenting a lab on ExtraTropical Transition and a poster on the Tropical Storm
Karen flight

2002 (Sept)
Began PhD work at Dalhousie University and part-
time work as forecaster at Maritimes Weather Centre

2003 (Summer)
PhD work on the ocean FLAME model

2003 (July)
Publication of Hurricane Earl article in MWR

2003 (September)
Flew into remnants of Hurricane Isabel in Ontario (19th)
Flew into cat-2 Hurricane Juan south of Nova Scotia (28th)

2003 (November)
Participated in 2nd International Workshop on ET

2003 (December)
Flew into TD Odette aboard American P3 aircraft

2004 (May)
Successful completion of PhD proposal

2004 (Summer)
PhD work on MC2 hurricane model

Preparation of scientific publications and PhD Thesis
Experimental Hurricane Forecast Model

2006 (Spring)
PhD Completed, back at EC full time

2006 (Fall)
Attended International Tropical Cyclone Workshop in Costa Rica

2007 (summer)
Worked in National Lab at EC and developed TC verification scripts for CHC

2008 (spring)
Invited to speak at a workshop in Madrid, Spain (extratropical transition)

2008 (summer)
Collaboration with NHC on wind probability forecast products

2008 (fall)
Participated in Visiting Scientist Program - Miami, Florida

2009 (Spring)
New Senior Research Scientist position at EC (National Lab)

2010 (April)
Began one-year assignment as manager of the Canadian Hurricane Centre