Webmaster's Notes
Welcome to my NovaWeather website - your one-stop source for weather
data and forecasting information. These links address the needs of
meteorologists forecasting in Atlantic Canada, but there are also many
general links to national weather data in Canada and the United States.  
At the bottom of the main page you will find some other links related to
my work and projects.

A little bit about myself...I am a research meteorologist with Environment
Canada's Canadian Hurricane Centre (CHC).  I was born in Halifax and
raised in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia on the northern shore of the
province.  My interest in meteorology began at a young age - when I
started keeping my own weather logbooks and data
records in November
of 1987 when I was 13.

I obtained my B.Sc in Physics at Dalhousie University (Halifax) and my
D.Met (Diploma in Meteorology) also at Dalhousie in 1996 and 1997
respectively.  In the fall of 1997 I moved to Montreal, Quebec to attend
McGill University and begin my Masters of Science.  In the summer of
1999 I completed my M.Sc in Meteorology.  In the fall of 1999 I returned
to Nova Scotia where I completed my meteorology training.  In June of
2000 I began working as a forecaster at the weather office in Gander.   
While in Gander I continued with several  research topics on extratropical
transition.   I returned to Dalhousie University in September 2002 to
pursue this area of research in coordination with Environment Canada as
part of my PhD degree.  I obtained that degree in May 2006, and am now
working with the CHC, Atlantic Storm Prediction Centre and National Lab
for Marine and Coastal Meteorology in Halifax.  I
n April 2009 I became a
full-time employee of the National Marine Lab.  A year later in April of
2010, I b
ecame head of the Canadian Hurricane Centre.  In 2016 I
returned to the Marine Lab role with focus on Tropical

Check out my
projects link for more information on my career work,
projects, and publications.

Chris Fogarty,  July 5, 2020